Wearing the Mommy Uniform

17 May

I remember the moment when I declared to myself that I would never let my appearance sink to the depths of stay-at-home mom (SAHM) level. I thought this while visiting my dearest friend, B., who was mother to a toddler and an infant at the time. I didn’t have any children and could not comprehend her frumpy attire of comfy pants and faded shirt. Her hair needed trimmed and there was some mysterious goo on her shoulder. “Not for me,” I decided.

Fast forward seven years to this moment: I look down at my carefully chosen outfit. Today, I am “dressed up”. We’re visiting family so I have actually showered and applied make-up. I’m wearing comfy capri pants with a plaid pattern to hide any gooey globs that may come my way. Unlike most of my pants, these don’t have pockets so the matching sweater has supplied this appendage. Every SAHM knows that pockets are as necessary as baby wipes and Vitamin D.

On my horrifically “unpedicured” feet are black Betula Birkenstocks, slightly more fancy than regular Birks, but that still allow for 10-12 hours of standing, walking (or running) to keep up with three small children in relative comfort. I tell myself they are cute, but I know better.

My hair is down and has been straightened, styled and sprayed. It will probably end up in a ponytail before the day is through. It has been over six months since my last hair cut.

This is my new norm. Comfort clothes and effortless attire. I have settled into a lifestyle I once sought to avoid. I’ve joined a team of mothers (and fathers) who are passing through a hectic, tiresome and spiritually abundant time in our lives brought about by the presence of small children.

I don’t have time for primping or accessorizing. My only jewelry, in fact, is my wedding ring, which grows more beautiful with each passing year. (Going on 12, but who’s counting?) I admire it and realize that I am proud to wear this uniform of motherhood… gooey globs and all. Thanks for showing me the way, B.


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