Stay-at-Home-Moms Valued by Businesses?

25 May

It sounds impossible: Companies finally understanding that staying at home to raise children and a household actually gives us MORE skills than not. Entrepreneur magazine reported in April 2009 (yes, I’m just now reading it… but give me a break, I have three children and I’m a WAHM) that Goldman Sachs offered a “returnship” program last fall. Women can return to explore a new field for eight weeks with pay, but no guarantee of long-term employment. Although, five of the initial eleven participants were offered jobs.

Several other programs (57 to be exact) are cropping up in other companies and lots of fun new buzzwords are appearing for this not-so-new concept of SAHMs returning to work. Career reentry. Relaunch. Returnship. This is all very interesting and sounds so hopeful for parents and also for military personnel returning to civilian jobs. What I want to know is… how is this valuable pool of job applicants getting compensated? Are they being exploited with grossly undervalued salaries like in previous generations, or is this truly a turning point for stay-at-home parents?

I’ll keep digging up facts and let you know what I turn up. Has anyone here returned to work in a MORE favorable work environment than what they left? I’m interested in your stories.

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