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Our Christmas Miracle from God and Google

Here's Angelly, a very well-loved kitty.

Our 5-year-old daughter has a small, stuffed kitty that goes everywhere with us, and even made an appearance on one of our Christmas cards. She christened him Angelly (Angel-lee) when she was about 2 years old, mostly because our 7-year-old daughter also has a small, stuffed kitty of the same name.

Both girls have been praying for a kitten since October. EVERY night. (Dear God, please bring us a little kitten before winter.) My husband, Scott, mentioned one day that we really should make sure a kitten arrives before Christmas. As the proud father of three little girls and one female cat, he kindly suggested that God bring a boy kitten. Not so sure kittens would be abundant this time of year, I decided to Google “Free Kittens”. (That shows how much I know about feral cats.)

On the first web site that appeared, the first kitten I see is a little guy with the name “Angelly” next to his photo. I was stunned. Who would name a kitty that, especially a boy kitten? Long story short, I connected with the shelter and drove 45 minutes to pick him up. He was adorable, white with gray patches and about 12 weeks old.

Now, to make this story even more Divine, my daughter’s kitty has a heart on his chest (see first photo). I put Angelly down in the laundry room when I got home and as he walked away from me I could see the shape of a heart as plain as day on his back. My daughter summed it up by telling us “It’s like ALL my dreams just came true.” What a sweet way to teach our girls about faith.

He is the sweetest kitten, and so loving to our girls. It’s really shocking to look down and see that heart on his back. He will be a daily reminder for us of what is possible when love is involved. When the girls were praying for a cat, my oldest daughter became exasperated and asked why we couldn’t just go to the store and BUY a cat. I wasn’t really up for another animal to care for, so I explained that if we were meant to have one, God would let us know and would find a way to get that kitten to us. There was never any question that this little guy was meant for us!

So, why did he have that name? The shelter volunteer said she misspelled it on the web site. The people who found the litter named three of the kittens Peanut, Butter, … Andjelly. I told her we would not need to have it corrected. This was certainly no mistake!

May you be blessed with everyday miracles and rewarded with peace, hope, love and joy this Christmas.


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