Fussy baby strategies = Happy mom strategies

02 Apr

Babies cry. There’s just no way around this reality. Sometimes it breaks your heart, and other times it’s enough to raise your blood pressure and wish you were anywhere else but RIGHT HERE. But you are right here in the heart of parenthood and your baby is communicating by crying. It’s now your job to break the code.

Ah, the often-seen (but rarely photographed) side of babyhood.

Do you have a consistent routine yet? At the very least, get up at the same time every morning and go to bed at the same time every night. You can ease a fussy baby simply by giving them a consistent, loving environment. Crying generally boils down to three basic needs: FOOD, SLEEP and  COMFORT.

During the first few months of motherhood, I made this list for my husband or any other family member who came to help out with my very fussy baby. I called it our Happiness Routine, and perhaps it will bring you some happiness as well.

Mom Dare: Your challenge this week is to make sure you are meeting your own three basic needs. Are you eating healthy meals at regular intervals, sleeping whenever possible and depending upon someone close to you for moral, spiritual and physical support? Taking care of yourself is the best defense against the frustrations of parenting. So take three things off of your To-Do List and pencil in a nap, a healthy meal and time with someone you love instead.


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