Weekly Bit of Baby Love: If you don’t ask, you won’t receive

02 Apr

During your first few weeks as a new parent, you may get offers of help from many different sources. It’s tempting to politely say no simply because it’s easier than coming up with a task for them. Get into the habit of saying “YES” to offers of help, because the offers may stop just when you need them most. (And let me tell you, they stop all together once you’re the mother of three or more children!)

What do you really need this week?
A shower, a prepared meal, a long nap or just a little time in the sunshine by yourself? Maybe you would like for someone to vacuum your house or do a load of laundry. Just ask. I promise that someone loves you enough to do this small act of kindness for you.

Mom Dare: Your challenge this week is to ask for help at least three times and say yes to any offer of help. Someday you will remember this help and pay it forward to another new parent, but for right now, bask in the gift of time and encouragement. And, if you’re a mom who has made it through the baby years, how can you offer your time to a new mother this week?


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