Weekly Bits of Baby Love: Are You Ready for the Mom Dare?

02 Apr

Grab a little morsel of grace each week.

So, you’ve embarked on this new life of parenthood, for better or worse. Sign up for a weekly bit of encouragement, humor and – hopefully – inspiration to become a better parent, partner and person. These VERY SHORT messages will appear in your email one time per week and your email address is never shared with anyone else. Some are geared to parents of newborns, but most will appeal to parents at any stage.

Each message also comes with a Mom Dare, a challenge for the week to help you reach your highest potential as a mom.

Give it a try and unsubscribe at any time. And, if you subscribe, we’ll send you a discount code to use on future purchases. To get the emails one time per week, jump on over to to subscribe there. You can sign up here, but you won’t get the older posts and you won’t get them once a week, just whenever I post them. It’s worth the extra step to sign up on the Baby Love web site.

Remember: Baby love is easy, around-the-clock baby care is not. (And yes, it’s okay to admit that.)


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