Changing your world one diaper at a time.

23 Apr

Sometime around the third or fourth week after having a baby, you come to the realization that once foreign tasks like changing a diaper can now be done one-handed and in the dark. Your reality has certainly shifted.

Not your grandmother's cloth diaper. Shown is the BumGenius 3.0.

So, what choices are you making in this new reality? Are you choosing only the quickest, most convenient options when it comes to food, entertainment and the ever-present diapers? Now imagine if you were to use just ONE cloth diaper a day for one baby. That’s about 1,000 diapers per child that would stay out of the trash. There are 4 million babies born in the U.S. each year. Imagine now that ONE cloth diaper a day for each baby would eliminate 4,000,000,000 disposable diapers; 4 BILLION in case you’re struggling with all those zeros. (And if cost is on your mind: In 2010, the average cost per disposable diaper in the U.S. is $0.36.) Think about it.

MOM DARE: Your challenge this week, if you haven’t tried them already, is to buy or use a cloth diaper. Your options are endless, just do a quick search online if you’re completely in the dark on this subject. An “all-in-one” (AIO) is made just like a disposable and runs between $15 and $20 a piece. These are your most expensive option, so if you’re thinking of buying a new baby gift for someone, this is what to buy. If the thought of washing diapers wrinkles your nose, I can assure you that life will present you with far greater challenges over the next few years. It’s not a hippie thing. It’s not a poor person thing. It’s just another opportunity for you to make a better choice for this world.

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p.s. If you really need some help with this one, comment with your cloth diapering questions. I’ll be more than happy to help you out with this. I have cloth-diapered three children, so I believe I’ve heard (or uttered) nearly every excuse there is on the subject.


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2 responses to “Changing your world one diaper at a time.

  1. kimmy8989

    April 23, 2010 at 11:54 am

    Great post. My mom told me to use a cloth diaper rather than the disposable one and i think she’s right aside from it’s more cheaper my baby would be UTI free.

    • momswithgrace

      April 23, 2010 at 12:49 pm

      Thank you for your comment. I hadn’t thought in terms of UTI problems, but that’s worth looking into. My girls developed severe rashes from several of the premium brands of disposables. Not to mention the horrible blowouts that happened with disposables were completely prevented with cloth!


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