Finding Your Reason to Celebrate

01 Dec

At long last, the Baby Love Carebook – my elegant and useful organizer for new moms – will debut today before a huge audience. The online private-sale retailer, zulily, will run a special sales event from Wednesday, Dec. 1 through Sunday, Dec. 6. (And I might add, it’s the lowest price EVER offered, but you’ll have to sign in to view the deal.)

Waiting for this to happen was stressful to say the least. I am blessed to have family and friends surrounding me through all of life’s trials and triumphs, and wish to thank those of you who lifted me up in prayer over the last few weeks. I felt your strength and your love.

My goal now is to look forward and really celebrate each step towards success instead of dwelling on how hard it was just getting to this point.

Parenting is like that, too. Children will misbehave and go through really difficult stages, but they still manage to shine at the most amazing moments. My eight-year old daughter has been acting out for weeks and the over-stimulation of Thanksgiving gatherings made for some really horrific behavior. She was reprimanded several times and caused some rather embarrassing parenting moments.

A few days ago, she sat down at the piano and asked me to listen to something. She proceeded to play (perfectly) the theme music to the animated movie “Up.” We’ve seen the movie twice and she has taken only three piano lessons. Her talent amazes me even when I’m struggling to get through some days with her.

We should all remember to celebrate the good moments more passionately than we regret the bad ones.

Mom Dare: Celebrate your triumphs, however small they may seem. Don’t look back at failures or problems; they simply do not exist today. Anything good, positive or downright adorable is worthy of a smile, a laugh and an expression of gratitude.

(And while you’re at it, please give zulily a visit and enter your e-mail address to view the amazing deals for moms, babies and kids.)

Grace and Peace. And many, many thanks.

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